Set Advanced

Set Advanced

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The "Advanced" set for Neurofeedback  includes all components of the "Basic" and  "Basic Pro" sets plus additional components that enable to perform therapy with 1- or 2-channel measurements and enhance the experience by adding tactile feedback to the standard visual and auditory elements. This high-end set also includes the QIK-test device, a continuous performance test that enables to measure the patients' performance in different variables including attention and impulsivity, also useful for tracking the treatment response even before a change in symptoms is observed.

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The "Advanced" set includes all features of a fully equiped Neurofeedback system. The upgrade to 2-channel EEG measurements enables experienced therapists the possibility of exploring a wider range of Neurofeedback protocols. The possibility of using the QIK continuous performance test as an additional evaluation tool is also an asset for therapists that are new in this field. The "Advanced" set includes a portable case with an EEG NeuroAmp® II amplifier, Neurofeedback-Software  Cygnet®, one set of electrodes for 1-channel EEG measurement, one set of electrodes and a jumper for 2-channel measurements, a tactile feedback device, a QIK test device for continuous performance testing and the according QIK software, also EEG paste to fix the electrodes. 
  • Complete set for Neurofeedback with high-end "Advanced" configuration
  • EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II (approved medical device) with electrode inputs for 1- or 2-channel EEG measurements, impedanz meter and USB-cable connection to PC for EEG data transfer. 
  • Neurofeedback-Software  Cygnet® (approved medical device-software) - profesional software to control the Neurofeedback application. 
  • Including InnerTube & InnerTube Addon animations for visual and auditory feedback of brain activity. 
  • Including popular Dream Scapes feedback animation
Technical details:
  • View product information: EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II 
  • View product information: QIK Test continuous performance tests device*
  • View product information: Brummi tactile feedback device
Included in delivery:
  • EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II
  • USB connection cable (3m) for NeuroAmp® II
  • Cygnet® Software (USB Stick containing software and manuals)
  • Alpha-Theta module for Cygnet (Basic module/Standard sounds)
  • Inner Tube feedback animation (Licence code)
  • Inner Tube feedback animation add-on (Licence code)
  • Dream Scapes feedback animation (Licence code)
  • Jumper
  • 1 channel electrodes set with 3 sintered electrodes
  • 2 channel electrodes set with 5 sintered electrodes
  • Ten20 electrodes paste (4oz tube or jar)
  • Nuprep Skin preparation paste (4oz tube)
  • Brummi tactile feedback device
  • QIK Test continuous performance tests device
  • USB connection cable (0,5m) for QIk Test
  • Online initial installation
*For the analysis and report generation incl. symptomtracking at EEGExpert extra costs will be due.