BEE Medic is specialized in the engineering of EEG systems for neurofeedback and neurodiagnostics. We are your contact, no matter if you need a system for the beginning in your medical practice or a comprehensive equipment for clinical neurosciences and research. By using our systems, you get powerful, reliable neurotechnology that is easy to use and meets the highest demands and quality standards.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is - similar to biofeedback - a therapeutic approach based on capturing physical body functions and reporting them back in real time using suitable signals. Making people aware of the related body functions can be used for behavioural therapy and thus help to reduce the symptoms of illnesses.
In conventional biofeedback, body functions such as the pulse or muscle tension are recorded by sensors and can be experienced in real time through acoustic signals or visual displays. For example, a patient can be informed by a sound that indicates incorrect postures that lead to muscle tenseness. Over time, the patient is trained to maintain body functions at a certain level of activity or to be able to change them in a targeted manner. In addition to the treatment of muscular tenseness, the typical areas of application in which biofeedback is used are tachycardia, high blood pressure or incontinence.
Neurofeedback training does not train muscular or organic body functions, but the self-regulating ability of the brain. For this purpose, EEG signals are derived at the surface of the head. On the basis of a previously detailed medical history of the patient's symptoms, parameters of the EEG signal, such as certain frequency ranges of brain activity, are selected to control the feedback in the form of an animation on a screen. For example, an animation moves faster, the image becomes clearer or a melody becomes audible.
From measuring the EEG signals to evaluating the previously defined parameters and controlling the feedback, everything is done in real time. Through this continuous process, patients can learn to improve their self-regulation ability. Particularly in the case of psychiatric illnesses, accompanying stress symptoms, sleep disorders or disorders of the attention and concentration spectrum can often be significantly improved.
The research and development of EEG biomarkers is still in an early stage. Already developed biomarkers for the detection of subtypes in attention disorders, however, already reach a discriminant index to healthy people of over 90%. EEG bio-markers therefore have great potential to be used to objectify the diagnosis of mental disorders and to optimize therapy and medication in the sense of personalized medicine.
In order to use EEG biomarkers in a diagnostically meaningful way, a comparison of the derived spontaneous or evoked potentials with a meaningful normative database (e.g. the Human Brain Index Reference Database of HBImed AG) is necessary.

About our products

Our systems always consist of several components. The focus is on powerful hardware and software. In interaction, these high-precision EEG derivatives enable the implementation of all common neurofeedback methods and for use in the field of neurodiagnostics.
No matter for which level you need equipment - whether for the medical practice or your research project - you always have a high-quality system and at the same time full flexibility if your requirements change. All our products are perfectly harmonized and compatible with each other. An extension is possible at any time.


Contemporary research shows that certain diseases such as ADHD, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and others are associated with changes in the deducible activity patterns of the brain. Both spontaneous and evoked electrical potentials (ERP), which represent the brain's response to a specific stimulus, show deviations from the norm typical of the indications concerned.

Our Hardware

The NeuroAmp.II is a 2-channel EEG amplifier for neurofeedback. The NeuroAmp.II 5s also offers connection options for the 23- and 39-channel EEG amplifiers of the NeuroAmp. series and is also suitable for EEG/ERP measurements.
Our tactile feedback element as well as the QIK test device for continuous attention testing provide a useful supplement to our neurofeedback systems. The Combi Sensor Biofeedback device as well as the piRx3 infrared triple sensor enable the addition to the full-fledged high-end system for bio- and neurofeedback.
Of course you will also find accessories in our product catalogues - from electrodes to pastes and other consumables.

Our Software

Our software products Cygnet. and BEELab are synonymous with user-friendly, innovative neurofeedback. Our Cygnet. software enables effective ILF neurofeedback. With BEELab, you also have all other options at your disposal.
Whether you want to do ILF neurofeedback, classical frequency band training, SCP or tomographic neurofeedback - any neurofeedback protocol is available to you. You can also implement your own neurofeedback protocols with the software - perfect for use in clinical research. A comprehensive catalogue of different feedback animations for all groups of age completes our offer.
With our ERPrec software, you receive equipment for high-precision ERP measurements, especially in the field of research.
All our products are characterized by the following features:
  • - precise signal processing accurate to the millisecond
  • - in-house development of hardware and software for reliable systems that are perfectly matched to each other
  • - our products are the result of many years of close cooperation with partners from clinics and research
  • - Evidence-based and always up-to-date development
  • - High practical suitability and user-friendliness
  • - modern 2D and 3D feedback animations
For more details on our products and sets, please refer to our online product catalogues for therapy, diagnosis and research. We are also happy to advise you individually. Please contact us via our contact form.