Dream Scapes
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Dream Scapes

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Short description

The Dream Scapes Feedback Animation includes of a collection of different small games where you have the opportunity to customize the audio-visual appearance to your patient's needs and interests.

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Description of the feedback animation: Dream Scapes is a feedback animation collection of 27 individual feedback programs. The portfolio ranges from landscape animations to platform games to creativity and thinking games and jigsaw puzzles. The operation of most animations is self-explanatory. A controller is recommended in many cases, but it is still possible to run the feedback animations in autopilot mode. The diversity of Dreamscapes offers the therapist various opportunites to find the right animation for his patient. In each category there are tasks of different difficulty levels and for different preferences. It includes entertaining repetitive tasks, or the ability to play from one level to the next.
Technical Specifications: The feedback is carried out through the change of the visual and audio elements. The individual parameters vary, however, from animation to animation. Many of the animations included in Dream Scapes distract the patient from wanting to intentionally control elements, so the neurofeedback is perceived more subconsciously.
Patients / clients:
  • Due to a mix of relaxing landscapes, puzzles and play elements, Dream Scapes offers a large animation portfolio to suit patients of all ages and interests.
  • Even patients who need a (playful) active task or only passively want to observe the feedback (landscapes) will find a suitable Neurofeedback animation in Dream Scapes.
  • Dream Scapes is the most diverse Cygnet neurofeedback animation
  • Over 27 games, some of which are even divided into levels
  • Intuitive and easy control
  • Uses many games that could be familiar to the patient in one form or another
  • Visual and auditory feedback
  • Due to the various individual games, this feedback is a great challenge and does not bore the patient so quickly
  • Based on the large variety of Dreamscapes there are no contraindications for the whole package, but generally:
    • Animations with landscapes: for patients who need a higher state of arousal, these games are unsuitable
    • Platform games: may be (under certain circumstances) too activating for patients who are looking for relaxation
    • Thinking and creativity games: these games require the patient to be involved, so they are contraindicated for patients who just want to be entertained or don´t like to use a game controller. 
Particularities: With some braingames the knowledge of the English language is required.
Included in delivery: Feedback animation licence code to unlock the above mentioned Neurofeedback-animation in Cygnet