Bee Medic

Since 2005, BEE Medic GmbH has been developing high-end systems for non-invasive neurotherapy and diagnostics.
We focus on the development, manufacture and marketing of neurofeedback systems with product groups for the ambulatory and clinical sector as well as systems for EEG/ERP diagnostics. Our products aim to improve the self-regulating ability of the brain and are used in the treatment of neurological mental diseases.
We are specialists in EEG-based neurotechnology and signal processing. A passionate team of interdisciplinary experts consisting of engineers, neurobiologists, software developers and therapists works on improving our systems on the basis of user-oriented research and current technological standards.
Our customers demands and needs and the well-being of our patients have the highest priority. Our product design and our own hardware and software development aim to achieve maximum efficiency and usability.
The BEE Medic GmbH offers innovative solutions for neurofeedback and EEG-/ERP-diagnostics with maximum precision, which meet various requirements and at the same time convince by user-friendliness.
Headquartered in Switzerland (EMEA) and with sister companies in Germany (EU) and the USA, BEE Medic GmbH operates worldwide. As an accredited training provider, BEE Medic GmbH offers neurofeedback training courses for medical professionals throughout Europe under the brand EEG Info.

Our goals - What you can rely on

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with optimal support for their work in order to achieve the best possible treatment results for patients. Therefore, you can count on smart, efficient and innovative solutions for neurotherapeutic and diagnostic work. We offer you the right solution, from the entry into neurofeedback in your own medical practice up to highend systems for clinical research.

BEE smart - Powerful medical technology easy to use

We put the customer and the patient first, not the technology. We take special care to ensure that our systems are easy to operate, despite their technical complexity and high demands on efficiency and quality. Behind user-friendly software and compact hardware lies highly complex technology that guarantees precise signal processing to the millisecond and enables the entire range of neurofeedback applications. A wide range of modern 2D and 3D feedback animations create an effective, individual and motivating neurofeedback experience for patients. All products are characterized by maximum usability and software ergonomics. Of course, our hardware and software are approved as medical products in Europe and the USA.

BEE efficient - everything for neurofeedback and neurodiagnostics from a single-source provider

BEE Medic represents innovative products with which you can work efficiently. In addition, we are your most reliable partner for everything you need for neurofeedback. No matter if you order a complete system or a supply of pastes or electrodes - you shouldn't have to wait long for it. In Europe and the USA we usually deliver within 48 hours.
Our technology should support you in your therapeutic work. We want you to be able to concentrate on your patients at all times and not on complicated settings. Therefore, it is important to us that your systems always work perfectly.
Should there be any problems or questions, we will help you with a free Support by our own engineers. If required, we can help you quickly and easily by Email, telephone or live view.
Further information about our support can be found in the support section.

BEE innovative - high-end systems for modern neurotherapy and neurodiagnostics

BEE Medic systems have been developed in close, long-term cooperation with partners from clinics and research. We are familiar with the requirements of the clinical neurosciences and provide many algorithms and settings that enable an easy-to-use start into neurofeedback and EEG/ERP diagnosis.
Our systems with the powerful Cygnet. and BEELab software packages are suitable for various neurofeedback applications. From modern methods such as ILF neurofeedback to classical frequency band training, SMR/Beta, SCP, HEG or tomographic neurofeedback. You can also create your own protocols with our software. If the included software packages are not sufficient for the imaging of the task, interfaces to common signal processing toolboxes are available. We are also happy to support software development or cooperation in research projects.
With our systems for high-precision EEG and ERP measurement in the neurodiagnostics sector, EEG signals can be precisely recorded and stored. The ERPrec software is an extension for the measurement of event related potentials (ERP) with visual and auditory tasks - perfect for the development of own tasks for ERP measurements within the scope of ERP and biomarker research. In this area we work closely together with our partner company HBImed AG and are active in the research of EEG biomarkers. HBImed AG has a comprehensive reference database and sophisticated ERP analysis software that is approved as a medical device in Europe and the USA. In order to identify subtypes in attention deficit disorders, HBImed AG has already been able to develop EEG biomarkers that achieve a discriminant index to healthy individuals of over 90%. Further information can be found on the HBImed AG website.

Memberships and Initiatives

BEE Medic GmbH is a founder and sponsoring member of the Neurofeedback Network, which is dedicated to educating patients about neurofeedback. Between 2011 and 2014, the project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. In this framework, BEE Medic GmbH supports qualitative standards in neurofeedback therapy and is involved in research projects.
BEE Medic GmbH is also a member of Forum Med Tech Pharma e.V., the largest network in the healthcare industry in Germany and Europe.