Dual Drive 2
Dual Drive 2Dual Drive 2Dual Drive 2

Dual Drive 2

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Short description

This neurofeedback animation lets your patients participate in a car race.

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Description of the feedback animation: Dual Drive 2 is a simulation of a car race. The patient may choose between 14 different vehicles, from the off-road buggy, the massive Hummer, up to the classic American police car. The vehicles can be individualized by different color choices. The location of the motor race may also be adapted to the preferences of the patient. From ice levels, desert landscapes to rugged mountain landscapes or lava fields, there are 21 different worlds to choose from. This feedback animation also offers the opportunity to challange up to 3 computer competitors, or to explore the landscape like an explorer in free play.
Technical Specifications: The feedback is carried out through the change of the visual and audio elements as well as by a modified field of view.
Patients / clients:
  • Younger patiens
  • Racing game enthusiasts
  • Clear feedback to the patient
  • Intuitive controls
  • The brain quickly recognizes the connection between the moving object in space and its own activity
  • Visual and auditory feedback
  • Many different vehicles and landscapes provide a diverse setup 
  • Different types of control:
    • Autopilot for relaxation
    • Via controller
    • Free play possible (less frustration)
    • Selectable computer competitors enable the ability to adjust the difficulty and thus to influence the frustration tolerance
  • Patients who had a car accident
  • Patients who feel overwhelmed when looking at the feedback animation
  • Patients with fear of loss of control may find it difficult to usel the autopilot option, so using a controller would be indicated
Included in delivery: Feedback animation licence code to unlock the above mentioned Neurofeedback animation in Cygnet