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The Arcade Feedback animations are 25 separate Neurofeedback applications ranging from puzzles and brainteasers over calculating- and guessing games to skill games and Jump & Run games.

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Description of the feedback animation: From the 70s to the 90s the Arcade was the place to be where video games were played before the game consoles, tablets, smartphones or PCs brought computer games into the household.
Our Arcade is a collection of 25, some very well known, video games that have been adapted for the Neurofeedback application. A high recognition value of the animation is guaranteed and your patients will find their way in the applications very quickly.
The great variety of Arcade feedback animation enable the therapist the ability to find the most appealing feedback animation for the patient. In each category of games you will find different tasks in varying degrees of difficulty, each adaptable to the needs of the patient.
Technical Specifications: The feedback is carried out through the change of the visual and aural elements. The individual parameters vary, however, from animation to animation.
Many of the animations included in the Arcade collection distract the patient from intentionally controlling elements, so the neurofeedback is better perceived subconsciously.
Patients / clients:
  • Due to a mix of  arcade games, puzzles and braingame elements, the Arcade collection offers a large Neurofeedback animation portfolio to suit patients of all ages and interests.
  • Especially for patients who need a playful and active task  will a suitable Neurofeedback animation.
  • 25 games, some of which are evenl divided into levels
  • Intuitive and easy to control
  • Uses many games that could be known to the patient in one form or another
  • Visual and auditory feedback
  • Due to the varied individual games, this feedback is a great challenge and does not bore the patient so quickly
  • Based on the large variety of the Arcade collection there are no contraindications as a whole package, but generally:
  • Platform games: may be (under certain circumstances) too activating for patients who are looking for relaxation
  • Thinking and creativity games: these games require the patient to be involved, so they are contraindicated for patients who just want to be passively entertained do not like using a gamecontroller. 
Notice: With some braingames the knowledge of the English language is required.
Included in delivery: Feedback animation licence code to unlock the above mentioned Neurofeedback-animation in Cygnet