Alpha-Theta Reflections
Alpha-Theta Reflections Alpha-Theta Reflections Alpha-Theta Reflections

Alpha-Theta Reflections

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Short description

With the neurofeedback animation Alpha Theta Reflections the patient´s brain may be guided into a deep state by an auditory and visual training.

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Description of the feedback animation: The training with Alpha-Theta Reflections allows the patient to reach a deep state through auditory and tactile feedback. Both 1-channel and 2-channel  measurements can be used with this neurofeedback animation. With various sounds, this feedback animation creates relaxing soundscapes that promote the patient´s relaxation. An algorithm developed by Dr. Susan Othmer and Prof. Bacher calculates the deep relaxation neurofeedback from the EEG measurements of the alpha, theta, beta and delta frequency bands.
Technical Specifications: Various neurofeedback-dependent soundscapes and the possibility to use the tactile feedback, providing the feedback in this feedback animation. In addition, visual effects can also be added (for example fireplace).
Patients / clients:
  • Suitable for adults and adolescents
  • Support with unresolved trauma
  • Support with phobias and addictions
  • For patients who need help to achieve a deep relaxation state
  • Extends the awake-state training with the "deep relaxation training"
  • Spoken introduction to the training is possible.
  • Binaural beats may be added to immerse the patient into an even deeper relaxation state
  • Selection of several landscapes and sounds to customize the training to suit the needs of the patient
  • Only in combination with previous awake-state training
  • Re-emerging instabilities
  • For all anxious or hyper-alert patients, the timing for the introduction of the Alpha-Theta training must be carefully chosen by the therapist
Included in delivery: Feedback animation licence code to unlock the above mentioned Neurofeedback-animation in Cygnet