Inner Tube Add-on
Inner Tube Add-on Inner Tube Add-on

Inner Tube Add-on

Item No.:A001043

Short description

This feedback animation is an additional package you can purchase for the Inner Tube basic module. These 8 newer InnerTube packages with 80 different tunnels delight with their beautiful graphics and appealing music. Requirement: Licence code for InnerTube basic

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Description of the feedback animation: Each of the 8 new packages contains a different graphic setup. We took great care to create pleasant colors and "flying objects". In this feedback-animation all your patients will find an option they will enjoy. The music was composed by the world famous composer James Hood.
Technical Specifications: This additional package for Inner Tube offers you new aircrafts, new tunnels, technical tubes, unicorn landscapes and matrix worlds. Each tunnel is unique and offers a new variety of shapes and colors. A total of 8 new aircrafts and 20 new tunnels complete the animation Inner Tube.
Patients / clients:
  • All ages
  • Adult patients prefer the autopilot setting
  • Children are more likely to use the simple "Easy" control setting
  • Adolescents, on the other hand, rather enjoy the challenge of the "free control" setting
  • Clear feedback to the patient
  • Intuitive operation
  • The brain quickly connects the moving object in space to it´s own activity
  • Various types of control: autopilot for relaxation, possibilty to control the program via a controller for more challenge
  • Visual and auditory feedback
  • Various flying objects provide variety
  • Customisation of music possible
  • Fear of tunnels
  • Fear of tight spaces
  • In patients with fear of loss of control, it may be difficult for them to control the feedback in autopilot. Here the use of a controller would be useful.
Notice: Since this game has very good auditory feedback, this program can also be used to work with patients who want to close their eyes during training (for example migraine or visual sensitivity) and is therefore particularly suitable for people with visual impairment.
Included in delivery: Feedback animation licence code to unlock the above mentioned Neurofeedback-Animation in Cygnet. You need the Inner Tube Basic module to use this animation