NeuroAmp II incl. Cygnet Software
NeuroAmp II incl. Cygnet SoftwareNeuroAmp II incl. Cygnet SoftwareNeuroAmp II incl. Cygnet Software

NeuroAmp II incl. Cygnet Software

Item No.:A001196

Short description

  • 2-channel EEG amplifier for neurofeedback applications incl. neurofeedback software.
  • Portable, mobile neurofeedback system, incl. Cygnet® software for neurofeedback and optionally for biofeedback applications.

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  • 2-channel EEG amplifier for uni- and bipolar measurements
  • Optimized  for 1-channel or 2-channel neurofeedback in slow infra-low-frequency range (ILF, <0,1Hz)
  • Optimized for 1-channel- or 2-channel neurofeedback in the established frequency range (1-40Hz)
  • Well suited for SCP- & frequency band training
  • Easy to use
  • High functionality
  • Optimized interference suppression
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Possibility for connecting up to eight tactile, auditory or visual feedback devices
  • Ports for up to eight peripheral biofeedback applications
  • Approved as medical device in the European Union and the USA
Technical Specifications:
  • Dual channel differential amplifier with 32bit resolution per channel and 165dB dynamic range
  • 5 shrouded plugs, 4mm/1.2mm for connecting EEG electrodes (each channel: plus/minus & ground).
  • Measurement of EEG activities in the frequency range from 0 - 100 Hz
  • Impedance meter for the display of the contact resistance of each electrode (<5k ... 100k Ohm)
  • Eight peripheral channels with 24 bit resolution for peripheral biofeedback sensors, e.g. for measuring skin conductance (GSR), heart rate, temperature or for performing passive infrared HEG
  • Eight analog outputs for auditory, visual or tactile feedback devices
  • 5V power supply as well as data transmission via USB
  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating system required
Included in delivery:
  • EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II
  • USB connection cable (3m) for NeuroAmp II
  • Cygnet® Software (USB Stick containing software and manuals)