ERP QEEG synchronization device
ERP QEEG synchronization device ERP QEEG synchronization device ERP QEEG synchronization device

ERP QEEG synchronization device

Item No.:A001357

Short description

Sychronisation device for highest temporal accuracy between a patients' EEG recording and his/her reactions to audiovisual stimuli during assessment with event-related potentials (ERP).
By recording of ERP signals a patient reacts to audiovisual stimuli during EEG-measurement, hence the accurate registration of timing ("synchronisation") between stimulus presentation and the patients' reactions represents a quality standard for this method. The Sync-box registers both visual and auditory stimuli with the highest timing-accuracy and delivers this information to the EEG-recording system. 

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  • Synchronisation device for accurate recording of stimulus presentation and patient reactions*
  • Device includes cable connected device similar to a computer mouse with two high-precision buttons for the patients' reactions.
  • Stereo-Audio-Input (3,5mm) for PC-audio signal
  • Stereo-Audio-Output (3,5mm) connector for headphones/speakers
  • Cable and DIN-socket to connect to EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s*
  • User-friendly design
  • Blue transparent case to isolate from galvanic voltage. 
  • Approved as a medical device 
* The device can only be used in connection with EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s. To fulfil its function, the device must also be adjusted in a correct placement on the computer monitor where the visual ERP-stimuli are presented. 
Technical specifications:
  • 1-channel video sensor with dynamic range >70dB and reaction time <1ms
  • 1-channel audio sensor with frequency range 100-2000Hz and reaction time <1ms
  • 2-channel input device ("computer mouse") with two high-precision buttons, connected via cable
  • Device cover for isolation of galvanic voltage
  • Two Audio-I/O-sockets for 3,5 mm stereo jack.
  • Power supply through EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s.
Included in delivery:
  • QEEG ERP device with cable connected input device and connecting cable for EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s
  • Stereo-audio-cable with two 3,5 mm stereo jack, 5 m
  • ERPrec software
  • ERP standard tasks
  • Task Generation Software
  • Extension cable for connection of ERP QEEG device with NeuroAmp