NeuroAmp x23 QEEG device
NeuroAmp x23 QEEG deviceNeuroAmp x23 QEEG deviceNeuroAmp x23 QEEG device

NeuroAmp x23 QEEG device

Item No.:A001170

Short description

23-channel EEG amplifier for measurement of electroencephalogram (EEG) in neurodiagnostics, EEG/ERP-research or biomarker development, with impedance meter and digital connector for EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s

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  • Ultra low-noise EEG amplifier with 23-channels* 
  • Low-noise preselector stage, high bandwidth, very high sampling-rate and DC-interface 
  • Connection for standard EEG-caps with 19/21/23 electrodes
  • Connectors for replacement electrodes 
  • Connector for EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s
  • Complete device control through computer software 
  • Approved medical device  
* Device only operates in connection with EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s 
Technical details:
  • Low noise 23-channel EEG amplifier with 24-bit A/D-convertor and DC-interface 
  • Sampling rate 1Msps
  • Impedance-meter with operational range <5k-100k Ohm
  • D-Sub 25-socket to connect standard electrode caps (19/21/23 electrodes)
  • Five 1,5mm DIN sockets to connect additional EEG-electrode for grounding, A1, A2 and two replacement electrodes of choice
  • Digital connector to EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s
  • Supply voltage 3.3V/5.5V via EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s
Included in delivery:
  • 23-channel EEG amplifier 
  • Digital interface cable for connection to EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s