Set Neurolab Basic 31/37

Set Neurolab Basic 31/37

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The "NEUROLAB BASIC 31/37" set is a state-of-the-art and highly precise EEG recording and neurofeedback training solution, which can be used in neurofeedback research and therapeutic practice. An ultra-low-noise 39-channel amplifier and advanced software (Cygnet®) allow the precise recording and storage of up to 31 high-resolution EEG signals. The Set includes an EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s device, which is an additional differential 2-channel amplifier for Neurofeedback training of various methods (protocols). Besides the modern evidence-based neurofeedback approaches, e.g. like Othmer "Infra-low" frequency training or "Alpha-Theta" and "Synchrony" trainings this NeuroLab set also allows neurofeedback training of the "classical" EEG frequency bands and tomographic Neurofeedback training from up to 31 electrode positions (or 37 channels). The later also features source-based sLORETA to estimate the location of the neuronal (EEG) generators in the brain. In order to develop new neurofeedback protocols or expand existing ones, the set includes special interfaces for "BioEra" and "BioExplorer".

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The " NEUROLAB BASIC 31/37" set is aimed at professional researchers and practitioners who are looking for a state-of-the-art and ultra-precise EEG recording system for Neurofeedback, including Infra-Low and tomographic Neurofeedback as well as other Neurofeedback approaches and which comprise of a standard range of equipment that allows a multitude of selection and adjustment options in research or therapeutic practice.

  • State-of-the-art set for all kind of Neurofeedback approaches, including tomographic Neurofeedback via up to 37 channels. 
  • Ultra-low-noise EEG amplifier with 39 channels* and socket to connect standard EEG caps with 19/21/31 electrodes. Some extra DIN plugs allow the connection of additional EEG electrodes for GND (ground), A1, A2 and up to six further replacement electrodes.
  • Differential EEG amplifier NeuroAmp® II.5s (approved medical device) with impedance meter, sockets for up to 5 electrodes and USB-connectivity. This device can be used as a 1- or 2-channel differential EEG amplifier in infra-low or "classical" frequency neurofeedback training.
  • Neurofeedback software Cygnet® software (approved medical product). In conjunction with an EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s amplifier the Cygnet® software can be used to perform and control neurofeedback and biofeedback training. The software comprises of several modules which feature neurofeedback training in both, the infra-low frequency range and the "classical" EEG frequency bands, respectively. 
  • Additional module "pIRx3" to perform biofeedback hemoencephalography (HEG) training to improve blood circulation in the frontal brain (requires the optional available "pIRx3" sensor).
  • Additional module "Generic Lab" to perform Neurofeedback training with a maximal degree of freedom to select or define a "Reward" and multiple "Inhibit" frequency bands. 
  • Additional module "Tomographic Neurofeedback" which features frequency band training via up to 37 channels at arbitrary filter settings and source-based sLORETA to estimate the location of the neuronal (EEG) generators in the brain.
  • The Cygnet® software include two neurofeedback animations for visual and auditory feedback of the measured EEG brain activity.
  • Interfaces for "BioEra" and "BioExplorer", which allows to develop new neurofeedback protocols or expand existing ones.
  • Sturdy case with foam inlay to safely store all components, which is especially useful when it is required to transport the system, e.g. for home visits.
  • Approved medical product (devices and software) in the European Union.
* Device can only be operated in conjunction with an EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s.
Technical specifications:
  • View product information: EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II5s
  • View product information: 39-channel EEG amplifier (x39)
  • EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II5s
  • USB connection cable (3m) for NeuroAmp® II5s
  • Digital cable 
  • 39-channel EEG amplifier (x39)
  • Cygnet® Software (USB Stick containing software and manuals)
  • Frequency Band Training software
  • Tomographic module for Cygnet® software
  • Inner Tube feedback animation (Licence code)
  • Inner Tube feedback animation add-on (Licence code) 
  • BioEra interface
  • BioExplorer interface*
  • Ten20 electrodes paste (4oz tube or jar)
  • Nuprep Skin preparation paste (4oz tube)
  • 1 channel electrodes set with 3 sintered electrodes
  • 2 channel electrodes set with 5 sintered electrodes
  • Jumper
  • Handy case for QEEG device
  • Online initial installation and calibration
*Limited functionality