Set Neurolab ERP-21

Set Neurolab ERP-21

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State-of-the-art system for high-precision 23-channel EEG and ERP measurements in neurodiagnostics, EEG research, biomarker development or others. An ultra-low-noise 23-channel amplifier and advanced recording and control software ("ERPrec") allow the precise recording and storage of up to 21 electrodes of high-resolution EEG signals. 
The included EEG recording software "ERPrec" has advanced features to apply visual or auditory stimuli (tasks) in order to measure event-related potentials (ERP). "ERPrec" includes standard visual and auditory ERP tasks but also allows the implementation of new individually designed tasks. To connect the EEG system to a computer, an EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s device is used, which (optionally) also can be utilized as a differential 2-channel amplifier for neurofeedback training in both, the infra-low frequency range and the "classical" EEG frequency bands, respectively.

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  • Modern and highly precise EEG and ERP measurement system with 23-channel EEG amplifier for use in neurodiagnostics, EEG/ERP research, biomarker development and others.
  • Ultra-low-noise EEG amplifier "x23"* with 23 channels and a sockets to connect standard EEG caps with 19/21 electrodes and five additional electrodes like "GND" (Ground), "A1", "A2" and up to further two replacement electrodes.
  • "ERPrec" software includes standard audio and visual ERP tasks, like "VCPT", "MMN", "TOVA" and others.
  • Additional feature to create new individual ERP tasks
  • ERP recordings are compatible with the Human Brain Index (HBI) database, a comprehensive collection of normative reference EEG data, which can be used to evaluate the recorded EEG data.
  • "ERP Sync&Input" device, to maximal improve the temporal precision of audio-visual stimuli during ERP recordings. 
  • Impedance meter to individually measure and control the impedances of each EEG electrode. This leads to high-quality measurements of low-noise EEG signals with less artifacts.
  • Differential EEG amplifier "NeuroAmp® II.5s" (approved medical device) with impedance meter, sockets for up to 5 electrodes and USB-connectivity. This device can be used either to connect the "x23" channel EEG amplifier device to a computer or to function as a 2-channel differential EEG amplifier in infra-low or "classical" frequency neurofeedback training. 
  • Optional Cygnet® software to perform and control neurofeedback and biofeedback training using the NeuroAmp® II.5s differential EEG amplifier. The software features neurofeedback training in both, the infra-low frequency range and the "classical" EEG frequency bands, respectively. 
  • Approved medical product (devices and software) in the European Union. 
  • Sturdy case with foam inlay to safely store all components, which is especially useful when it is required to transport the system, e.g. for home visits.
* Device can only be operated in conjunction with an EEG NeuroAmp® II.5s.
Technical specifications:
  • View product information: EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II5s
  • View product information: 23-channel EEG amplifier (x23)
  • View product information: ERP synchronization- and input device 
Scope of delivery:
  • EEG-amplifier NeuroAmp® II5s
  • USB connection cable (3m) for NeuroAmp® II5s
  • Connector cable for x23 or x39
  • Handy case for QEEG device
  • 23-channel EEG amplifier (x23)
  • ERP synchronization- and input device 
  • ERPrec software (USB Stick containing software and manuals)
  • ERP standard tasks
  • Task generation software
  • Online initial installation and calibration