Protocol Guide 7th edition (German)

Protocol Guide 7th edition (German)

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7th. Edition Protocol Guide
Language: German
Released in 2019
Author: Susan Othmer
Translated from the English by: Priv. doz. Dr. Meike Wiedemann

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The protocol guide as indispensable reference book
Optimizing assessment and training with Infra-low frequency HD,Synchrony and Alpha-Theta neurofeedback
New contents:
  • New extended ILF HD range
  • Revised sympton profiles
  • New ILF Synchrony
The protocol guide is equally suitable as a reference book for experienced users and as an introduction to neurofeedback. It is suitable for anyone considering integrating Neurofeedback into their treatment spectrum. You will gain a profound insight into the theoretical principles and the practical symptom- and client-centered work that characterize this highly effective and individual Neurofeedback method.
We also recommend the protocol guide as a valuable reference book for your daily work during the preparation of a course, but at the latest after completion of a basic course. Clearly arranged and compact, it contains practical knowledge:
  • for the assessment of medical findings
  • for the recognition of patterns of misregulation
  • around symptom categories related to neurofeedback training variables
  • to all relevant indicators for starting positions and training frequencies
  • for performing 1- and 2-channel ILF neurofeedback and 1- and 2-channel alpha-theta neurofeedback
  • for 2-channel synchrony training as well as Alpha, Gamma and ILF synchrony training
It can also be used as an aid for communication with clients.
The Protocol Guide by Susan F. Othmer has been the indispensable standard work for all those who (want to) work with Neurofeedback according to Othmer.
About the author:
Effective and modern Neurofeedback is inseparably linked to the name Susan Othmer. In the last 30 years she has personally worked with several thousand clients and trained more than six thousand doctors, psychologists and therapists in Neurofeedback according to Othmer. With her untiring commitment and her striving for ever more effective treatment protocols, she and her husband Siegfried Othmer have shaped the development of modern Neurofeedback like no other. From the beginning in the 1980s and the original work with standard protocols to ILF-HD Neurofeedback, alpha-theta and synchrony training, which enables individual, symptom-based and therefore highly effective neurofeedback.
The now current 7th edition contains clinical knowledge about the new extended ILF HD range, revised symptom profiles and the new ILF synchrony training.
ILF Neurofeedback, alpha-theta and synchrony training are explained in a clear and understandable way on the basis of theoretical principles of diagnosis and symptom profiles.
Readers will learn clearly which training frequencies and electrode positions are suitable for different indications and how these can be systematically expanded with ongoing therapy.