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The new pIRx3 is a passive infrared sensor device for biofeedback. Three infrared sensors are mounted in the plastic housing that sits on the forehead and is attached with an adjustable band around the head.


The pIRx3 follows the lead of Jeff Carmen, who has worked extensively with pIR HEG biofeedback, primarily for migraine headaches. This involves learning to control the temperature, and hence the blood flow and metabolism, of the prefrontal areas of the brain, the location of the so-called "executive" functions of self-control, memory, and attention. Jeff's work has used a single sensor for feedback, which is typically placed at Fpz. The pIR3 provides three sensors at approximately Fp1, Fpz and Fp2, and hence the ability to combine the signals as desired for feedback purposes. The pIR3 plugs into any of the three peripheral device inputs on the front of the NeuroAmp.