NeuroAmp II & Cygnet

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The NeuroAmp II was designed by and for clinicians and employs advanced technologies in a portable design while maintaining durability and ease of use. It has an easy to read built-in impedance meter and has the options for two-channel training as well as utilizing three peripherals (HEG available now, and coming soon HRV, Respiratory, GSR, Temperature, EMG, and more to come) and an Audio / Visual / Tactile out.

Successful neurofeedback builds on a quality EEG signal. The built-in impedance meter on the NeuroAmp II helps to ensure optimal contact of the electrodes on the scalp. Colored indicator lights illuminate to quickly show you the strength of each connection at any time during a session.

Included Extras:

  • Trial versions of Somatic Vision Games
  • Standard Alpha-theta feedback
  • Electrodes (1-Channel, 2-Channel & Jumper)
  • Paste - 4oz tube
  • Nu-Prep - 4oz tube 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty